It is your Divine right to give and receive love, respect and gratitude; beginning with yourself.

The Inn Method® is designed to help clear unconscious mental, emotional and spiritual obstructions. by using journaling, meditation, dowsing, powerful intuition and self-discovery through a dialogue with your inner healer and guidance system, to help create greater clarity for everyday living choices.

Within this process I promise to do my best to embody the energy of Divine Love, Joy, Compassion and Higher Consciousness, and to be a catalyst for the change and transformations that you seek.  ~ Melinda Iverson Inn


What our clients say…

“What can I say about Melinda? “Guidance relieves.” She is a trusted, sympathetic, caring soul who has reliably helped me wade through many difficult and confusing situations. Melinda points out hidden issues and helps bring them to the foreground for resolution. I find Melinda to be an invaluable resource…to whom I can turn to for mental and emotional balance.”

~H. H., San Francisco, CA